Policies, Plans, and Reports

Our Policies

Our Plan of Service

Legislation governing public and municipal libraries throughout Alberta requires each library submit a Plan of Service. The plan must reflect the results of a community needs assessment.

Our community conversations took place in May 2016. We met with the Chamber of Commerce, staff at ATB Financial, members of the New Horizons Seniors Drop-In Center, junior and senior high students from both Holy Family School and Grimshaw Jr/Sr High. Ken Faser from Alberta Public Library Services Branch also conducted an evening session with the community members.

Library board members and staff then reviewed the information from these sessions, and developed the goals and objectives.

Promotion of eResources

There will be more awareness in the community of what is available at the library. We will see an increase in our eResource usage.

  • Table top advertising in the community.
  • Presentations to the community groups.
  • Incorporate our eResources into the events and programming.
  • ​This falls under Library Service Response #4 - Connect to the Online World: Public Internet Access.

Increase Connections Throughout the Community

The community will have one place to go where they can find the information and help they need. The staff will be trained on government websites in order to better assist patrons.

  • Create and maintain a volunteer directory for the community.
  • Use a variety of media to inform the community of our services.
  • Offer professional development for staff to assist patrons with on-line services, especially government forms and departments.
  • This falls under Library Service Response #9 - Know Your Community Resources and Services.

Develop and Enhance Early Literacy

Children from birth to age five will have programs and services available to them, designed to support them entering school ready to learn. Staff will have completed training by the end of 2016. Programming will be in place by Winter 2016.

  • Offer professional development for programmer in conjunction with Community Adult Learning Society.
  • Develop and deliver programs for kids aged 0-3.
  • Continue Book Buddies program for 3-5 year old children.
  • This falls under Library Services Response #5 - Create Young Readers: Early Literacy.

Ensure the Current Level of Services Provided to the Public are Maintained Throughout and Following the Move to the New Location

The community will have a greater understanding of the preparations as we change the locations.

  • Evaluate staffing needs and hours of operation.
  • Design the layout of the new library to accommodate the use by public and schools simultaneously
  • Invite and encourage conversation on the goal.

What We Heard:

People are looking for a chance to gather and build community, through events and programs. They recognize the need for a strong volunteer base. They are pleased overall with the services now offered by the Grimshaw Municipal Library, and have a strong interest in how the upcoming move to the space at the Mile Zero Regional Multiplex and partnership with the school divisions will impact the public use of the library.

Our Annual Report

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