Extra Life 2020 Main Events Have Been Decided!

Mar 05, 2020 Kruz

With Riot Games announcing their new First Person Shooter game, we have decided on the second Main Event Tournament that will take place during Extra Life 2020. Valorant is a 5v5 Competitive Hero Based Shooter that will put your gun skill to the test. Valorant is set to release during the summer of 2020, giving you an expected minimum of two full months to practice. The tournament format has yet to have been decided, however as more information about the game and it's custom mode capabilities are announced, we will determine what is possible for Extra Life 2020. 

Preceding the Valorant tournament is the Extra Life 2020 headline event, The Fortnite 1v1 GML Championship! Our Top 3 winners of the EDEL 2020 Fortnite tournament will be able to use the byes they collected in February. Expect to compete in a highly competitive round of Fortnite build battles/box fights this November.

For more information on Valorant click here.