Extra Day For Extra Life Recap

Mar 03, 2020 Kruz

The stage was ablaze as competitor after competitor was knocked out of our double elimination Fortnite Tournament. Fourteen different players entered, and after 8 hours of high level Fortnite gameplay, only one came out victorious! Earning himself a total of $50, and TWO first round byes he can use at our Extra Life 2020 event, is Ezekiel Jacobs. Second and Third place go to Colby Gillett, and Tyson Neufeld respectively, who each earned themselves a cash prize, as well as one first round bye each. Expect to see these players in November for the Annual Extra Life 2020 Tournament.

(From Left to Right; 2nd place Colby Gillett, 1st Place Ezekiel Jacobs, and 3rd place Tyson Neufeld)

While the action of the main event was underway, there were many other participants competing in High intensity Scrabble games, as well as some casual gaming on the sidelines. However, the real entertainment took place during the finale of the Dungeons and Dragons one-shot hosted by Matthew Bolduc, and Clayton Diesel, when a Barbarian named Kovos got his hands on a Deck of Many Things. Kovos had drawn Vizier, Moon, Sun, The Fates, Knight, and Ruin, which for you D&D aficionados, is a very good set of cards to draw for a barbarian. The game ended with great applause for Dennis Sukeroff, the creator, and player of Kovos.

 (Kovos' draw from the Deck of Many Things)

With the event all wrapped up, and over 50 attendees, we were able to raise a grand total of $754.57! We at Grimshaw Municipal Library, thank you for all of the support in helping raise not only money, but awareness for the Stollery Children's Hospital, and The Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. We couldn't have made this event such a success without all of you. We'll see you on Gameday 2020! November 7th, from 9:00am, to 9:00am.